What kind of Leg Lengthening Surgery methods exist?

There are Ilizarov, Holyfix, LON/LATN, Precice methods which are used in limb lengthening surgery. LON is currently the most preferred method by our patients due to its short recovery period and relatively low price. However, Precice is much safer, more comfortable and less risky method, although it can be pricey for some patients. For detailed information, please visit Limb Lengthening Surgery Methods

How many centimeters can I gain with Leg Lengthening Surgery?

For cosmetic reasons, it is preferable not to lengthen over 6-8 cm per segment. We believe that safety needs to come first. There is no point in trying to lengthen 10 cm per segment.  If a patient desires to lengthen 10-14 cm, it is preferable to do 5-7 cm on tibia then 6-8 cm on femurs independently rather than to lengthen 10 cm on one section. The flexibility of your legs is also important. The more flexible your legs are, the more relaxed you will be during the lengthening.

Can I get back my pre-surgery health?

Although this is an operation method, it is completely a cosmetic method. Limb lengthening procedure may take some time, but eventually you can get back your pre-surgery health and do sports that you want. For many sports types, you may have to wait up to 1-1.5 years after recovery. The key is to be patient, stick to the instructions of your LL doctor, take physiotherapy sessions and care about your overall health.

How many scars are formed on the legs after surgery?

Scars that are formed on the legs after surgery depend on the method of operation. The most scars occurs in the ilizarov method and the least occurs in the internal fixation method. As a matter of fact, these scars can be reduced and became unnoticeable by aesthetic methods.

How much does Limb Lengthening Surgery cost?

After deciding to have a lengthening surgery, you should be very careful about your choice of doctor and method. You can make the right decision for yourself by examining the doctor, patient’ diaries and method information in detail. You can  contact us by clicking “Contact us” section for detailed information.

Can I walk with a device on my legs?

You can walk at home or get out to walk with devices on your legs. It is advisable to walk as long as it is not too extreme. At the same time, you can also do your works that you do not need much to stand up.

What are the difficulties of this surgery?

You will be in bed the first day. 2nd day you can use walker  and do your needs. Depending on your situation you will spend 3-5 days at the hospital. You have to be patient for the first two months after the operation. Because every day you will be 1 mm longer. With time, there may be tension  on your legs. But this is temporary. After the lengthening  is over, the pain is reduced and the tension ends.

How much does doctor consultation cost?

Consultation with doctor is free of charge.

Is any kind of preparation needed before limb lengthening operation?

It is recommended to do stretching exercises, go swimming etc. in order to increase the flexibility of leg muscles. Besides physical preparation for surgery, it is equally important to prepare yourself psychologically. It can be beneficial to have conversations with those who already had LL surgery. You may also want to watch and read about the experiences of our LL patients

Hasan’s video diary

My reflection for having limb lengthening surgery (Michael from Australia)

What are the risks associated with limb lengthening surgery?

Contrary to popular belief, limb lengthening surgery has less percentages of risk compared to many surgical procedures. One of the possible complications are non-union or slow union of bones which may be a reason for another operation to correct this. Moreover, there is a very tiny probability of serious infection. Minor infection on the surface is seen in many patients and it is quite treatable without causing serious problems. We must note that since it is an internal method, Precice has lower infection risks compared to other methods.

Can I come to Turkey for limb lengthening surgery from abroad?

Yes of course. We see enormous interest from various places of the world, especially from the US, UK, Saudi Arabia, Canada etc. Since high quality limb lengthening operations and post-op services are very expensive in most of these countries, Turkey appears to be a good choice by means of both reasonable price and high quality. Similarly, from countries such as Indonesia, India, Cambodia and Azerbaijan there are many people interested in leg lengthening surgery in Turkey.

After undergoing LL surgery, our patients from abroad can return home after staying in hospital for 5-7 days and continue the procedure from their own country, or they can request for accommodation close to the hospital and get help from us. Those who stay far away can have check-ups and send the results and images via WhatsApp for doctor evaluation.

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  • I heard that the Ilizarov is a past generation method and isn’t as effective, is that true? And let’s say I decided to lengthen my tibia up to about 8 cm, wouldn’t that make it disprprtionate with my femur and the rest of my body? In that case, for an 8 cm increase, do you recommend 4 cm for each segment or 8 cm for both segments?

    • Hello and thanks for your comment. Ilizarov is the first known method of limb lengthening, which is quite effective and can be applied successfully. However, due to longer fixation time and caused discomfort, newer methods are being more preferred. Ilizarov devices are heavy, cumbersome and cause more pain and discomfort for patients.
      Healthy maximum lengthening amount for tibia is usually 7 cm (with rare exceptions). 7 cm is usually not enough to cause body disproportion. If you want 8 cm and nothing less, then it may be a better decision to do it on femur, as thighs have capacity to be lengthened by 1 more cm.
      For more detailed personal consultation, please contact us via WhatsApp: +905331936500 or email: support@wannabetaller.

      Yusif from Wannabetaller

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