Leg Lengthening Surgery Methods

You can find out the advantages and disadvantages of the old and new methods used in leg lengthening surgery.


There are so many reasons for our patients to choose this method: the device is internal and does not cause discomfort like external devices, recovery duration is short (2.5 months) the infection risk is minimal, it is highly reliable, although more expensive than Holyfix and LON.


It is known worldwide that PRECICE 2 is the most successful, safe and comfortable limb lengthening surgery method which is applied by doctors from various countries. A more refined and further developed method is STRYDE. It is similar to PRECICE 2 in many ways:


The Ilizarov is the first explored method of bone lengthening, that the bone is fixed with thin wires and hoops. The surgery decision is taken after the necessary medical exams and tests are done by the doctor before the operation and of course, if the patient is overly obsessed with the short height.


This is the most preferred method by our patients. The reason is reasonable price (much cheaper compared to PRECICE) and short recovery period as well as higher reliability compared to classical methods.


Height lengthening is realized with bone formation in the growth plates existing at the tips of the arm and leg bones with growth. Physiological elongation is specially completed with the closure of growth plates accelerating in the age of puberty about 18 years of age.

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