Is there surgery that makes you taller?

The Ilizarov’s surgical method, was the first successfully explored methodology for bone lengthening, whereby the bone is fixed with thin wires and hoops.

Limb Lengthening Surgery Methodology: ILIZAROV

After the necessary medical examinations and tests are completed by the doctors, the surgical team makes a decision about the surgery; keeping in mind the physiological and psychological implications on the patients suffering from short or limited stature and/or limb deformities.

Post-Op Rehabilitation

Usually, Patients tend to start walking, with assisted care i.e. crutches, from the very next day of the surgery and physiological rehabilitation is recommended, thereof. The primary goal, after the surgery, is to prevent any muscle rigidity and to maintain the muscle tone within normal parameters. Generally, patients are discharged, after their first rehabilitation session and the lengthening devices are adjusted accordingly, a process which may last between 4 to 7 days at the hospital. Soon after, the lengthening process can resume at the ease of the patient, either at their home or work place; until the time that the bones have completely healed and the devices are removed.

Patients are strongly advised to visit the clinics for their health assessment, every 2 to 3 weeks. During this medical assessment, the condition of the patient’s skin, the installed devices, wires and screws are assessed. Furthermore, the patient’s bone integrity and fracture conditions are thoroughly checked and they are re-informed about the proper care and handling of the wires and screws attached with the devices, in these medical visits.

Usually, where a bone deformity correction surgery is performed, the bones are expected to heal and mature within 3 to 4 months period, soon after, the lengthening devices are removed. Once, the lengthening process stops, bone consolidation period begins, which generally may last anywhere between 45 days, for each lengthened centimeter; e.g. where the bone is scheduled to be elongated by 6 to 7 cm, the total recovery period may last between 10 to 12 months. However, this a general estimation, which is dependent upon various factors, including but not limited to, the patients’ medical history, their age, overall bone health, integrity and quality. As per the medical team assessment, once the devices are removed, the use of plaster or other plastic devices may be recommended for a period of 30 to 60 days, in order for the bones to fully strengthen. It is strongly advised that habits such as smoking may prolong this period and hinder with the healing process.

Essential Key Facts

Although Ilizarov’s surgical methodology seems quite straightforward and simple, the result may sometimes be quite frustrating, if not performed by competent hands, thereafter, and the method is not applied as per expectations of the patients. It is important to note that where, during the surgery or the post-op treatment, the medical team does not strictly comply with the principles laid down in Ilizarov’s methodology, and complications can arise, leading to gloomy outcomes for both, the patients and the medical teams involved.

Thus, it is highly recommended that such surgical procedures be performed by competent orthopedic teams, at recommended medical centers, where such methodologies are commonly and successfully performed. It is imperative that the patients are provided with accurate information as per the benefits and possible complications of such procedures. Furthermore, if the medical team recommends another lengthen methodology for the patients, due to their physiology, then this method should not opted for.

It is strongly advised that the patients perform regular care of the device, its wires & screw; from the very beginning and they must perform all the necessary recommendations as per the medical practitioner’s guidance. It is highly recommended that the patients care and sterilize the device, its wires and screws daily; with 70% Pure Alcohol or a 10% Betadine solution, with a sterile gauze. If the patient notices any indication of an infections, such as redness, swelling and/or wound growth, around the device or its extensions, that they should immediately contact their doctor, who performed the surgery, and visit them as soon as possible.

It must be noted that smoking should be avoided as it would retard the formation and maturation of the new bone; and those patients who cannot quit smoking during this recovery period, medically should opt for a different lengthening methodology. Additionally, patients should display a general consciousness to their overall bodily health and especially attention needs to be given to the nutritional regimen recommended by their doctor.

Packages and Total Costs (2019):

At the moment,  the cost for a single Bilateral (Both Legs) surgery, either on the “Femoral” or “Tibial” bones for leg lengthening, with “Ilizarov’s methodology” is currently priced at around: (€) 14,500 Euros. (valid for a limited period, till 30 Sep 2019).

Please note: For a double surgery, first on the Femur bones and later on the Tibia bones or vice versa (with a 6 months consolidation period between both the surgeries); the price will be calculated as two separate surgeries. Thus; (€) 14,500 Euros multiplied by 2 surgeries: (€) 29,000 Euros.

Furthermore, for a complete healthy and smooth limb lengthening experience, we provide the following facilities, which are included in the total price:

  • Meeting and greeting our patients at the airports, including all transportation to the hotels & hospitals
  • Accommodation in a 5-star hotel (1 to 3 days)
  • An English-speaking caretaker who will assist our patients 24/7
  • Complimentary Istanbul tour, including historical and touristic visits, boat tours and meals in our famous Turkish restaurants
  • All necessary medical examinations and tests before the surgical operation
  • 5 to 7 days of hospitalization
  • Physiotherapist’s assistance and all medications are covered, during the patient’s hospitalization
  • Walker, crutches & wheelchair for assisted movement (Post-Op)
  • Transportation to the airport upon departure
  • FREE consultation with doctors and consultants whenever the patient’s needs, even after lengthening process has been completed

The above mentioned price also includes the following costs, in addition, to the surgery itself

  • All hospital charges relating to the operating room and recovery room.
  • Surgeon’s fees.
  • Anesthesiologist’s fees.
  • Surgical assistant’s fees.
  • Hospitalization fees (Internal medicine doctors will be available during the entire hospitalization period).

Summer Offer
Get a free voucher up to 1000 euros on Physiotherapy if you opt for any method of Limb Lengthening Surgery until the end of September

* If you will stay in Istanbul during distraction phase after the surgery you can get free physiotherapy service once every two
days during 2 months

* If you will leave Turkey after the surgery you can get a voucher up to 1000 euros for physiotherapy in your home country.
Furthermore, you can contact our patient consultants, at your convenience, for a detailed discussion regarding the procedures and any information that you may require in relation to the procedures, medical teams, prices and any available discounts.

Ilizarov Diary by A Woman From Baku

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