Limb Lengthening surgery by PRECICE Methodology

Intramedullary Nailing System

Limb Lengthening surgery by PRECICE Methodology is one of the most recommended, comfortable and safe leg-lengthening surgical methods, currently available. One of the major differences between the “LON” and “PRECICE” methods is that “PRECICE” methodology does not require any external fixator, because the intramedullary nail is electromagnetic and motorized, thus allows for bone extensions with just a remote control; providing the patient more comfort and much shorter recovery times in total.

Furthermore, the device is internally embedded into the patient’s bone, thus does not cause any discomfort and significantly minimizes any risk of infections. Moreover, it reduces the total recovery period to just 2.5 months (consolidation period not included); but, it is a new technology and currently, more than expensive “ Holyfix” & “LON” ”methodologies and there are only a handful of Turkish doctors which practice this methodology. With “ PRECICE, the surgeon makes a small incision and inserts the motorized intramedullary nail into the bone (either femur or tibia), and closes the wound; hence reducing the risk of any open wound infections. Soon after, the lengthening process is realized with the help of an electromagnetic remote control device; hence there is no device or fixator, visible on the patient’s body.

Limb Lengthening surgery by PRECICE Methodology
Limb Lengthening Surgery: PRECICE 2

Limb Lengthening surgery by PRECICE Methodology is currently the most comfortable amongst any other methodology of height lengthening available. The operated leg can be easily recovered, but partially in the beginning and gradually, during the lengthening phase, in a matter of a few months. This allows patients to return to their personal and professional lives much earlier, than any other methodology available.

It must be noted that worldwide, these surgical operations are currently performed by a very limited number of doctors. All surgeons are required to participate in an intensive training program at the “Center of Excellence”.

Our patients who undergo Limb Lengthening surgery by PRECICE Methodology from our experienced and trained surgeons, tend to gain the most from their height. The “PRECICE” nail offers minimal disadvantages due to the material and design used, in terms of the health of our patients. After complete consolidation of the bone, ie one and a half years after implantation, the PRECICE® intramedullary lengthening nail and the receiver can be explanted or removed easily.

Electromagnetic device used for daily leg lengthening with PRECICE
Limb Lengthening Surgery: PRECICE 2

How many scars can appear after surgery?

Limb Lengthening surgery by PRECICE Methodology proved has proved to be the most advantageous method in terms of post-op scarring, as the scars are almost minimalist and invisible.

How much does it cost?

At the moment, the cost for a single bilateral ( Both Legs ) surgery, either on the “Femoral” or “Tibial” bones for Limb Lengthening surgery by PRECICE Methodology is currently priced at around: (€) 35 250 Euros. (valid till 1 Apr 2020)

Please note: For a double Limb Lengthening surgery by PRECICE Methodology; first on the femoral bones and later on the tibia bones or vice versa ( with a 6 months consolidation period between both the surgeries ); the price will be calculated as two separate surgeries. THUS; (€) 35,250 Euros multiplied by 2 surgeries: (€) 70,500 Euros.

Limb Lengthening For Limb Length Discrepancy Correction (Non-Cosmetic) Singular bone, either Femur or Tibia; with Precice 2 Method is (€) 18,000

Furthermore, for a completely healthy and smooth Limb Lengthening surgery by PRECICE Methodology; experience, we provide the following facilities, which are included in the total price:

  • Meeting and greeting our patients at the airports, including all transportation to the hotels & hospitals
  • Accommodation in a 5-star hotel (1 to 3 days)
  • An English-speaking caretaker who will assist our patients 24/7
  • Complimentary Istanbul tour, including historical and touristic visits, boat tours and meals in our famous Turkish restaurants
  • All necessary medical examinations and tests before the surgical operation
  • 5 to 7 days of hospitalization
  • Physiotherapist’s assistance and all medications are covered, during the patient’s hospitalization
  • Walker, crutches & wheelchair for support & assisted movement (Post-Op)
  • Transportation to the airport upon departure

FREE consultation with doctors and consultants whenever the patient’s needs, even after lengthening process has been completed
The price also includes The Following Mentioned above costs, besides, to the surgery itself

  • All hospital charges associated with the operating room and recovery room.
  • Surgeon’s fees.
  • Anesthesiologist’s fees.
  • Surgical assistant’s fees.
  • Hospitalization fees (Internal medicine doctors will be available during the entire hospitalization period).

Get a free voucher up to 1000 euros on Physiotherapy!

* If you will stay in Istanbul during the distraction phase after the surgery you can get free physiotherapy service once every two
days during 2 months

* If you will leave Turkey after the surgery you can get a voucher up to 1000 euros for physiotherapy in your home country.
Furthermore, you can contact our patient consultants, at your convenience, for a detailed discussion regarding the procedures and any information that you may require with the procedures, medical teams, prices, and any available discounts.

When can I get back to my Pre-Surgery Health?

According to the surgical guidelines and medical recommendations, lengthening varies from 6 to 8 cm in a single surgical procedure and it is not preferable to lengthen over 6 to 8 cm per bone section. If you wish to grow even taller (for example, 12 to 15 cm) it can be achieved by lengthening both lower and upper legs (lengthening in both the Femur and Tibia bones). Thus, if a patient desires to lengthen their legs by around 12 to 15 cm, it is preferable to do 6 to 7 cm lengthening on “Tibia” bone and after complete recovery and consolidation; another surgical procedure on the “Femur” bones, for additional height gains of 6 to 8 cm; independently rather than to lengthen, for example, 10 cm on a singular bone section in one surgical session. It is important to note that the flexibility of your legs is a very important factor. The more flexible your legs are, the more relaxed you will be during the lengthening process

How many centimeters can I gain with Leg Lengthening (LL)?

Limb Lengthening Surgery: PRECICE 2
Limb Lengthening Surgery Methods: PRECICE 2

Limb lengthening surgeries, including the intramedullary nail method, may take some time, but eventually, you can easily get back your pre-surgery health and indulge in any sports that you want. It all depends on the methodology adopted by our patients and how much time they spend in recovery and consolidation phases. To facilitate speedy and complete recovery, the patients must perform physiotherapy and other prescribed exercises, regularly.

Can I see some images of your patients?

Limb lengthening progress with Precice. X-rays taken after 2, 5 and 10 weeks since the operation.
Limb Lengthening Surgery Methods: PRECICE2


7 cm height increase with Precice method. Bone and newly formed bone tissue in red circles. That part of the bone became smoother and stronger with time.
Limb Lengthening Surgery Methods: PRECICE2


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