“PRECICE STRYDE” – The Latest in Limb Lengthening Technology

Limb Lengthening Surgery Methods: STRYDE


PRECICE STRYDE” is the latest and most advanced limb lengthening system available, anywhere in the world. Largely, the “PRECICE STRYDE” is a newer, but costlier, version of the older “PRECICE 2” version of intramedullary nail system. Nonetheless, it build upon the “PRECICE 2” system; and provides many new innovations and benefits, including enhanced comfort of the patients and extra weight bearing tolerance & capabilities; thus proving as being the new benchmark for the future of limb lengthening procedures, throughout the world.
It must be noted that both systems are, in theory the same; i.e. intramedullary nails, thus are internally embedded into the patient’s bones; either Femur or Tibia; thereby significantly reducing any chances of infections as the wounds are closed; in comparison to older “LON”, “Holy-Fix” & “Ilisarov” methodologies; where external fixators are necessary for the extension of the bones. It must also be noted that both “PRECISE STRYDE” & “PRECISE 2” systems are much less painful, in comparison to the than older fixator type methodologies, and generally patients are much relaxed and comfortable during the extension phases in these systems

The new “PRECICE STRYDE” system has essentially reduced the difficulties of its older counterpart “PRECICE 2” system:

  • “PRECICE STRYDE” nails are made of stainless steel, which have been proven as being much stronger and sturdier than “PRECICE 2” intramedullary titanium-made nails.
  • The older “PRECICE 2” system was not full weight bearing, as the titanium nails could only bear partial weight of the patients thus the use of wheelchairs, crutches or some other type of supporting device was necessary to move around.
  • However, with “PRECICE STRYDE” and its stainless steel nails can easily bear the full weight of the patients; thus with only a few weeks of crutch usage, then the patients are able to move around with easy and without any external support mechanism.
  • With “PRECICE STRYDE” the need of ‘blood thinning medication’ is not necessary, thereby it does not add to the already high surgery costs, upon the patients.

As you may notice that “PRECICE STRYDE” is a more advanced version of the technology already in use under the “PRECICE 2” system; and soon it is meant to eliminate and replace the need for “PRECICE 2”, altogether.



After long negotiations and intensive medical trainings and upgradations, we are proud to present to you the latest in limb lengthening methodology “PRECICE STRYDE”. Thanks to the efforts of our team at Wannabetaller.com; Turkey is now one of the handful of countries where limb lengthening surgery with “PRECICE STRYDE” method is being currently performed.

You can be one of our first 10 lucky patients to get this surgery at a much discounted price. Contact us for a consultation and have the best limb lengthening experience with “PRECICE STRYDE” for the best possible stature outcomes.


How much does bone lengthening cost?

The cost for Bilateral “Femoral” and/or “Tibial” Leg lengthening surgery with “PRECICE STRYDE” is currently priced at around: (€) 65 000 Euros. (May 2019)

However, the first 10 patients to make reservation for “PRECICE”STRYDE” this year, will get an exclusive discount and chance to undergo this surgery for just (€) 58,500 Euros. (May 2019)


Furthermore, for a complete healthy and smooth limb lengthening experience, we provide the following facilities, which are included in the total price:

  • Meeting and greeting our patients at the airports, including all transportation to the hotels & hospitals
  • Accommodation in a 5-star hotel (1 to 3 days)
  • An English-speaking caretaker who will assist our patients 24/7
  • Complimentary Istanbul tour, including historical and touristic visits, boat tours and meals in our famous Turkish restaurants
  • All necessary medical examinations and tests before the surgical operation
  • 5 to 7 days of hospitalization
  • Physiotherapist’s assistance and all medications are covered, during the patient’s hospitalization
  • Walker, crutches & wheelchair for support & assisted movement (Post-Op)
  • Transportation to the airport upon departure
  • FREE consultation with doctors and consultants whenever the patient’s needs, even after lengthening process has been completed

The above mentioned price also includes the following costs, in addition, to the surgery itself

  • All hospital charges relating to the operating room and recovery room.
  • Surgeon’s fees.
  • Anesthesiologist’s fees.
  • Surgical assistant’s fees.
  • Hospitalization fees (Internal medicine doctors will be available during the entire hospitalization period).

If you are planning to extend your stay in Istanbul after your hospitalization, we can easily arrange all types of housing services for our patients. To see the list of these services and their approximate costs, please visit Our Services page.

Furthermore, you can contact our patient consultants, at your convenience, for a detailed discussion regarding the procedures and any information that you may require in relation to the procedures, medical teams, prices and any available discounts.


Note: If you’re financial situation does not allow you to cover funds for a “PRECICE STRYDE” limb lengthening procedure; we recommend you should not wait, as the psychological implication of a limited stature are very well documented and adding just a few centimeter to you height could change your life.

This is why we recommend other high quality limb lengthening procedures which might suit your financial and scheduling (time) concerns better.

PRECICE 2 – the most comfortable, developed and well-practiced methodology in the world. This methodology is well practiced and applied by several of our doctors in Turkey. The only drawbacks with this systems, is the high price associated and the limited capability of the “PRECICE” nails to bear the full weight of the patient, during the recovery phases.

LON – this is one of our most preferred and recommended methodologies in practice because of its short recovery period; the devices can be removed just after 3 to 4 months and overall it is much more inexpensive price comparison to internal embedded devices and methodologies.

HOLYFIX – this procedure was developed in order to eliminate the weaknesses of classical Ilizarov methodology and the devices used in this procedure are monolateral (single-sided); thus are much more compact and easy to operate for the patients.

ILIZAROV – this was the first known method for limb lengthening. Furthermore a more modern and developed version of this methodology is still in use; not only for limb lengthening treatments, but also for bow legs, knock knees and multiple bone fractures.

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