Limb Lengthening With Internal Nail – Suzan Metin

Limb Lengthening With Internal Nail – Suzan Metin

Hello. When I was 3 years old, I fell from the 3rd floor of our building I was living. Due to this disastrous accident, my left knucklebone was displaced and other bones were also broken. It was 90s, and in those times I was not treated carefully enough, my leg was put into cast and I was released home. There was malunion in my bones, and while one leg grew normally with time, the other one remained shorter. My whole childhood and teenage period was spent hitching and walking with difficulty.

I realized I was unhappy and needed to get rid of this as soon as possible. When I graduated from university, I started searching for a doctor. I went to doctors in Istanbul, Ankara and Adana, but I could not trust in any of them because they all spoke pessimistically.

They talked about putting circular metal frames to my leg from outside, and even if my leg could be lengthened, it would still remain shorter than the other one by 2 or 3 cms. I was scared of what these doctors told me and wasn’t satisfied. I thought maybe there are other possibilities, and from recommendations of surrounding people and my own Internet researches, I met Dr. Ozgur Karakoyun.

I communicated him over Internet, he was working in Tekirdag Namik Kemal Education and Research Hospital and Dr. Ozgur invited me to Tekirdag. Without any doubt, I went to Tekirdag from Mersin. He did measurements and on that day, I learned that my leg was actually much shorter than I thought. There was a limb length discrepancy equal to 6 cm.
He placed a nail with mechanism into my tibia bone cavity. It was not visible at all from outside, thus it was very good by means of minimal infection risk and maximum comfort. I was proud to be Dr. Ozgur’s first patient to be operated with this method. During and after surgery, he had a very kind and fatherly approach towards me. The surgery was a success and in approximately 2 months, the lengthening procedure was completed and my both legs were equalized.

I used crutches for 2 weeks and a single cane for another 2 weeks, then I was able to freely walk.

I was able to put weight on my operated foot. With time and exercises, my leg strengthened and now I walk as other normal people do, I run, jog, and continue my life from where I left, with zero problems.

I would recommend you to consult with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ozgur Karakoyun without any doubt, if you have any orthopedic, traumatic problems, limb shortness and deformities. May God be pleased with Mr. Ozgur…

NOTE: Our patient has shown the kindness to share her diary only. Any questions about her limb lengthening experience will be answered by patient consultants as much as it is possible.


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