Height lengthening is realized with bone formation in the growth plates existing at the tips of the arm and leg bones with growth. Physiological elongation is specially completed with the closure of growth plates accelerating in the age of puberty about 18 years of age. There is no longer any choice except operation as there is no longer height growth after this age.
Arm and leg can be lengthened with operation. Actually, height lengthening is surgically elongation of both leg bones.

History of height lengthening:

Arm, leg and height lengthening process can be done with various methods for about 50 years.
Ilizarov’s circular fixator method is the oldest and most widely used method.

In this method, the arm or leg bone is cut by surgical operation and 1.5-2 mm steel wires are attached into both bone pieces inserting from the one side and extracted from the other side. At least 8 wires are attached in this way. These wires are made of aluminum, steel or carbon (at least 4) rings and they are fastened by fixing them.

In this system, vascular nerve injury and infection are the most important complications. It is also the most troublesome method in terms of patient compliance and comfort.

Wagner and De Bastiani methods are monolateral pin type fixator methods and fixator-induced complications are less and patient compliance is better than Ilizarov method.

The method of applying a nail extending into the bone is the most preferable method in terms of patient accommodation. But this system is not applied to all patients. Because of being new method, the education process is not completed. They also advise to use a wheelchair and do not allow the patient to press on during the extension period. If the infection case, we will not be able to continue the procedure and we will have to deal with a serious infection. Also this is most expensive method.

Leg Lengthening with Holyfix method:
The HOLYFIX method is a Monolateral pin type method which has been applied since 1997. It is an improved form of Wagner and De Bastiani.
In other words, it is formed by attaching to the bones one side of the nails which are attached from the outside to the HOLYFIX device. The nail is attached to the nearest and safest area of the nail, not the vein and nerve, and the nail remains in the bone, does not cross. Infection is much less and does not prevent completion of the process. This risk has also been reduced to a minimum thanks to HOLYPIN, which is part of the HOLYFIX method. HOLYFIX is made of special aluminum and titanium alloy and is lighter and MRI compatible. The system is biomechanically extremely stable and safe and can walk on the patient during treatment. Extension is very practical; Can easily be performed by the patient. In addition, HOLYFIX has a special design that accelerates bone formation and transfers the burden to the bone without shortening (dynamization).

Extension consists of 6 phases:

  1. Inspection and medical exam
  2. Surgery
  3. Hospitalization
  4. Lengthening period
  5. Bone strengthening (consolidation)
  6. Removing the system

1. Inspection and medical exam: The patient is admitted to our clinic. Radiological examinations and measurements, other necessary examinations are made. The patient is informed in detail. It is planned on the day of surgery and after surgery.

2. Surgery: The patient will be able to come to the hospital at least one day before the operation in order to have preoperative screening, and to know the hospital and treatment team. The operation is performed under general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia. The anesthesiologist and the patient decide it together.

Our surgery is usually under tourniquet and bloodless. Bleeding is therefore very rare. It is no need for a blood transfusion.

If the amount of bone to be lengthened is up to 5 cm one level, and if it is extended over 5 cm, two level cuts are made. Two or three nails are applied to both sides of the area to be cut before the bone is cut, according to the body weight of the patient. Suitable HOLYFIX fixator is prepared and applied.
For the surgery, the skin section is 3-4 cm for each level and is aesthetically internally planted and there are no stitches to be removed. Single-zone single arm-leg lengthening takes average 40 minutes, double-zone single arm-leg lengthening takes 60 minutes.

Height lengthening is a process of both legs extension. When both legs are lengthened at the same time, the height is also increased. Length lengthening takes 90 minutes for single level (up to 5 cm), 2-2.5 hours for double level (up to 10 cm).

3.HOSPITALIZATION: The hospitalization is in a single room to accommodate one person.

Patient rooms
If patient’s one arm/leg is lengthened, he/she will stay for 2-3 days, if the height is lengthened, stays for 4-7 days. During this period, the patient is informed about the treatment and the lengthening process. Walking with crutches and nail care is taught. Physiotherapy training is given to the patient and exercises are taught. The lengthening process is taught practically.

4. The period of lengthening: Lengthening starts at the hospital. The lengthening is taught to the patient and extends for a total of 1 mm per day in four equal parts (4 × 0.25 mm) for each lengthening level.
The patient is discharged to his home during this time. Patients who want to stay in our care more often can stay in our hospital or at accommodation centers close to our clinic. During this time, the patient is operated by pushing with crutches. Throughout the patient, our physiotherapy team exercises and teaches stretching, muscle and joint movements during the lengthening period. The patient should perform these exercises during the course of treatment. The patient is taught nail care. From the second week of the operation (except for special cases), the patient can bathe during the treatment. Clinical and radiological controls are performed for periods of 15-30 days.

5. Bone strengthening (consolidation): After the lengthening process is completed, the elongated bone area is strengthened and passed to become load bearing.

Full recovery of the bone after lengthening:
This period is approximately one month for each approximate cm with the lengthening period. 20-30 days period called the controls. Patients living outside the city can often be checked by sending their x-rays and, if necessary, photographs.

6. Removal system: After the lengthening and consolidation are completed, the system is removed. The system is easily removed painlessly under local anesthesia or general anesthesia in the hospital. No other material is left in the body. Long walks, heavy exercises and no spores are allowed until the bones return to normal, following the removal of the devices. Plenty of swimming is recommended. All physical activities are allowed, as long as the bones are of the quality of other bones.


The price for Limb Lengthening surgery with Holyfix method is 15 000 EUR.


To ensure a healthy and smooth limb lengthening experience, we have included the following services in this total cost:

  • meeting patients at the airport and transportation to hotel/hospital
  • accommodation in a 5-star hotel (1-3 days)
  • an English-speaking caretaker who will be around 7/24
  • Istanbul tour (historical and touristic places+boat tour+meals in our famous restaurants)
  • Medical examinations before operation
  • 5-7 days of hospital stay
  • Physiotherapist assistance and medications during hospital stay
  • Walker+crutches+wheelchair
  • Transportation to airport when leaving
  • FREE consultation with doctors and consultants whenever you need, even after lengthening is finished

Note: Due to improved quality and increased number of our services, there will be a price increase in May 1. The new prices will be the following: Holyfix: 18000 eur, LON: 24000 eur, Precice 2.2: 45000 eur. Please note that there is limited time to book operation with low prices.

Post-operative traces
Post-operative traces

Patients are expected to return to their normal walks after a height increasing surgery, as in the following video.

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