This is the most preferred method by our patients. The reason is reasonable price (much cheaper compared to PRECICE) and short recovery period as well as higher reliability compared to classical methods.

How does this method work?

During the 1st stage of the surgery, an intramedulary nail is inserted into the bone and an external fixator device is attached to the leg from outside. During the lengthening period, the intramedulary nail prevents angular deformity. When lengthening is completed, the external fixator can be removed with the completion of the internal fixation (screw insertion). This method was a groundbreaking development compared to the original method that only involved the use of an external fixator. Even today, many limb lengthening surgeons worldwide use this method.

Limb lengthening by LON method
Limb lengthening by LON method

What are the advantages of LON method?

• The greatest advantage of the LON method is that the duration of the whole process is shortened much more than the classical methods, thereby highly increasing the comfort of the patient.
• This situation reflects more positively to patient psychology due to the early removal of the device.
• You don’t need to use a wheelchair for the first months like with a motorized nail. Patients usually begin to walk using support from the second day.

What are the disadvantages of LON method?

• The duration of operation is longer in comparison to classical operation.
• The experience of the doctor who will operate plays a more significant role
• Prices are a little higher more than classical methods, because of the usage of intramedulary nails.

How many scars occur on my leg?

It is equivalent to the conventional methods (Ilizarov/Holyfix) in terms of postoperative scars. While some people are disturbed by the scars, others find them too little to worry about. Nevertheless, those who want can get rid of scars with the help of a plastic surgery.

When do I return to my daily life after surgery?

You will get rid of the device in 2-3 months, get well in 4-5 months, return to normal life in 6-7 months. Of course, it depends more on your muscles, nerve structure, flexibility of your leg and the exercises you must do in the process.

What is the maximum recommended amount of lengthening?

Surgeons recommend to lengthen 6-8 cm in a single procedure. Those who wish to grow taller (for example, 12-14 cm) can achieve this by lengthening both lower and upper legs. The flexibility of your leg is also important in lengthening. The more flexible your legs are, the more comfortable you will be during the lengthening period.

How much limb lengthening surgery costs with LON method?

While being more expensive than Holyfix method, it is much cheaper than intramedullary nail (Precice) method. At the moment, leg lengthening with LON method costs around 20,000 EUR.

To ensure a healthy and smooth limb lengthening experience, we have included the following services in this total cost:

  • meeting patients at the airport and transportation to hotel/hospital
  • accommodation in a 5-star hotel (1-3 days)
  • an English-speaking caretaker who will be around 7/24
  • Istanbul tour (historical and touristic places+boat tour+meals in our famous restaurants)
  • Medical examinations before operation
  • 5-7 days of hospital stay
  • Physiotherapist assistance and medications during hospital stay
  • Walker+crutches+wheelchair
  • Transportation to airport when leaving
  • FREE consultation with doctors and consultants whenever you need, even after lengthening is finished

Note: Due to improved quality and increased number of our services, there will be a price increase in May 1. The new prices will be the following: Holyfix: 18000 eur, LON: 24000 eur, Precice 2.2: 45000 eur. Please note that there is limited time to book operation with low prices.

Some of our patients who chose LON method:

Watching My Arising After Limb Lengthening Surgery

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