It is known worldwide that PRECICE 2 is the most successful, safe and comfortable limb lengthening surgery method which is applied by doctors from various countries. A more refined and further developed method is STRYDE. It is similar to PRECICE 2 in many ways:

  • Both are internal nails
  • The process of lengthening is much less painful compared to other methods
  • The lengthening mechanisms are the same.

But there are much more improvements in STRYDE which eliminate most of the disadvantages of PRECICE 2 nail:

  • PRECICE STRYDE nail is made of stainless steel, which is stronger and sturdier than titanium-made PRECICE 2.
  • PRECICE 2 is not full weight bearing, thus patients need to use wheelchairs, crutches or some other type of supporting device to move around, while STRYDE can bear full weight of the patients. With STRYDE, only a few weeks of crutch usage is needed, then the patient is able to move without support.
  • Blood thinner medicine, which adds to the already high surgery cost, is not needed with STRYDE.

As it can be seen from the above information, STRYDE is designed to gradually eliminate the need of applying PRECICE 2 with all its advantages.

After long negotiations and hard work, we are proud to present you Precice Stryde. We made Turkey one of the few countries where limb lengthening with Stryde method is performed. You can be one of our first 10 lucky patients to get this surgery cheaper than its normal price. Contact us and make a reservation to have the best limb lengthening experience with Stryde for best price possible.

Our first 10 patients to make reservation for Stryde will get an exclusive chance to undergo this surgery for 58,500 EUR.

The regular price of limb lengthening surgery with Precice Stryde method is 65,000 EUR.

To ensure a healthy and smooth limb lengthening experience, we have included the following services in this total cost:

  • meeting patients at the airport and transportation to hotel/hospital
  • accommodation in a 5-star hotel (1-3 days)
  • an English-speaking caretaker who will be around 7/24
  • Istanbul tour (historical and touristic places+boat tour+meals in our famous restaurants)
  • Medical examinations before operation
  • 5-7 days of hospital stay
  • Physiotherapist assistance and medications during hospital stay
  • Walker+crutches+wheelchair
  • Transportation to airport when leaving
  • FREE consultation with doctors and consultants whenever you need, even after lengthening is finished

If you are planning to stay in Istanbul for an extended period of time after leaving hospital, we can arrange all types of services for you. To see the list of these services and their approximate costs, please see Our Services page.

If you don’t have enough funds to afford  PRECICE STRYDE, here are other high quality limb lengthening surgery methods for you:

If you don’t have enough funds to afford or time to wait for PRECICE STRYDE, here are other high quality limb lengthening surgery methods for you:

PRECICE 2 – the most comfortable and developed method. This method is applied by several doctors in Turkey. The only 2 disadvantages compared to other methods are: higher price and the Precice nail cannot bear patient’s full weight during recovery.LON – This is our most preferred method because of its short recovery period (devices are removed after 3-4 months) and much cheaper price compared to internal methods.

HOLYFIX – this method was developed to eliminate disadvantages of classical Ilizarov method and the device is monolateral (single-sided) and much more compact.

ILIZAROV – it is the first known method of limb lengthening. Its more modern and developed version is used not only for limb lengthening, but also for bow legs, knock knees and multiple bone fractures.

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