My reflection for having limb lengthening surgery (Michael from Australia)

My legs after several days of distraction, limb lengthening diary

Of what seems like a lifetime ago, I was reading the newspaper which detailed a new procedure that would allow men and women to increase their height. Breaking bones, inserting metal frames and slowly distracting the bones apart ever so slowly. Just enough to let new bone to form. Obviously, once that new bone had consolidated would provide the newly achieved height and growth. A few centimetres.


I found this information intriguing. Despite this procedure seemed so traumatic and painful, it always lingered in the recess of my imagination. What a difference this opportunity could do to my life of what I thought was an unachievable dream. A dream because I felt my height was a barrier, people would judge and critic my stature with negative connotation. This fact had negative impact on how I viewed myself; sociologically and physiologically. It imposed a real barrier to my happiness.


Without rhyme or reason, everyday I would be confronted with a consciousness and awareness of my height which was impacting my life. Reluctant to put myself forward to approach the gorgeous girl at the bar or have confidence to talk myself up in a job interview. These everyday occurrences impacted my mental psyche negatively.


I know the thoughts around obtaining a limb lengthening procedure needed to be addressed. The decision was mine, the time was right and the development of new techniques accumulated the weight of my decision to step forward towards achieving my goal. Biting the bullet was the decision I made. My thoughts surrounding my height were impending all aspects of my life. So here I go.


So with that in mind, I contacted, ‘Wannabetaller’. I saw an advertisement on instagram months earlier and had noted down the contact details. I tracked the contact details down and made the first step. ‘Hello my name is Michael and I wish to be taller….”


Within a day later, I was contacted by a representative from Wannabetaller, Yusif. He detailed the different opportunities I had to achieve my goal. He offered details and information about the different procedures, the times available and the doctors’ experience and expertise.  Yusif just assisted and guided me without pressure towards making an informed decision. And a decision that was best for me.


Reflecting on this time of make initial contact with Wannabetaller, the way in which Yusif conducted himself was a very professional manner. It was very matter of fact, without the feeling of a sales technique to lure you in. It was simply informative and allowed me to understand the different options available to me to best meet my desire to achieve my goal of being taller.


Going over all the information and possibilities obtained during my time spent with Yusif, I made my decision. I chose to have the Precice 2.2 Method for lengthening with Dr. Ozgur. It seemed the best option for reducing complications with the operation and fitted my budget. Going over all the information, I made an informed decision and was booked ready to head to Turkey to embark on my journey.


As the plane caressed across the tarmac, I gazed outside the windows of the plane in amazement. A sight I’d never seen before. Snow flakes danced in the sky. For me it was a first. I couldn’t stop smiling. I made my way off the plane and through the airport. A sign with my name on it awaited me. Mohamed was the representative from Wannabetaller. Just on Mohamed, over the course of the up coming days, we formed a close friendship and he offered great support to me during the course of the procedure. I would strongly recommend obtaining the assistance of a caretaker if you chose to have this procedure. Mohamed was worth his weight in gold.


As the sliding doors opened to exist the airport, a gust of icy wind penetrated my bones. So cold. Mohamed informed me that it was the first time it was snowing this time of year for a very long time. Chaotic could best describe the scene outside the airport. People, taxis, buses and cars everywhere. The noise was deafening. Horns blazing and people yelling out. Plus yelling in a dialect that was unrecognisable to me.


I climbed onboard the chauffeured car with my belonging and made our way to the hotel. Traffic was something to behold. Driving in Istanbul is a real skill. So many cars and highways that divert in all directions. I guess with such a huge population it makes sense. I arrived at the hotel. Five star. The room was amazing with views that stretched as far as I could see. Later that evening, for the first time I heard the sound of the mosques. It drew me towards the window. It was like the whole city was singing. I’d never experienced anything like it before.


That night was the night before my operation. I was very nervous and apprehensive towards what I was about to do? I guess fear. Fear of the unknown. I had something to eat, making sure that it was before the cut off time of 9.30pm because it can interfere when you are put under with an anaesthetic. Then I tried to get some sleep.


Yusif messaged me early. ‘Be ready at 9am, Mohamed will pick you up and transfer you to the hospital and your operation will be at 3pm this afternoon.’ This is real, it’s happening and I packed my belongings and with trepidation I made my way to the foyer. Packed and ready, we departed the hotel and made our way to the hospital.


Logging into the hospital, administration took my passport and processed my details. Then I was brought to my room. I set myself up and awaited the doctor’s arrival. Mohamed and I watched some television to pass the time away. I had many thoughts going through my head and envisaged many thoughts about the trauma I was about to put my body through.


My doctor arrived with his assistants. Dr. Ozgur sat down next to me and asked how I was and went into details of how the operation would proceed. He was pleased to inform me that my femur bone was perfect size for the nail. His smile resonated and highlighted his pure friendly nature and kindness. His demeanour reassured my decision to have him perform the surgery. I felt more than just a patient and he exudes passion for his profession.


It is noted that Dr Ozgur is recognised in his field. He has written many papers in regards to the study of limb lengthening. These papers are accessible on the internet. Prior to going to Turkey I read these examples of his work. It gave me insight to his knowledge and expertise in this field.


Once I threw a few different questions at Dr Ozgur. This was where Mohamed shone brightly. He created the bridge to link the communication between myself and the doctor to ensure that language was not a barrier. To ensure we were on the same page. And with the meeting drawing to a close the Doctor stood up and said we will go to prepare for surgery. Upon leaving the room he said, ‘we will see you soon.’


Once time drew near for my operation, a bed was wheeled into my room and the nurse motioned for me to get changed and climb aboard. I followed her instructions that were relayed by Mohamed. I lent back onto the bed and gazed up at the roof as I was wheeled towards the operation theatre. I focused on my breathing just to relax and calm my nerves. Nurses surrounded the bed and were preparing me as the anaesthetist administered an anaesthetic.

leg lengthening surgery precice diary

My eyes slowly emerged from my slumber. Sleepy and drowsy I assessed my surroundings. Back in my room with Mohamed asking, ‘how are you feeling?’ To be honest I was a bit thrown by the anaesthetic. ‘I’m good’…

(to be continued)