My Stryde limb lengthening journey in Turkey (Simon from Canada)


Hi, I am Simon and I come from Canada. First off, I wasn’t intended to undergo limb lengthening operation because I experienced problems with my height in the society. I have had friends and girlfriends who have been taller and bigger than me. My main intention was to become a better version of myself in every sense, both physically and mentally. I wasn’t trying to portray an image in people’s eyes. The reason was to improve the way I thought about myself.

I have been an athlete and a trainer in gyms for the most part of my life. If the recovery time wasn’t shorter with the surgery method I chose, I would never go for it. But with Stryde method, you return to your normal life and walk much earlier than other methods. Even now, just a few weeks into the lengthening procedure, I am walking pretty much easily, and this makes me happier and more confident about the procedure.

Before surgery

When I arrived in Turkey, it was evening and the driver from Wannabetaller team picked me up from the airport. I was brought to my hotel and then I had some rest. On the next day, as it was planned, they took me on a tour guided by a translator, and showed me around the city. Later on that day, the driver took me to the hospital where I went through tests and my x-rays were taken.

At that point, I was slowly getting nervous and actually thought, ‘maybe I shouldn’t go ahead with it’. I hadn’t told anyone what I was going into, and I almost cancelled my leg lengthening surgery. I calmed myself down a little bit and then I had an appointment with Dr Ozgur. We had a really good chat, and I was impressed with very professional manner of this surgeon. Finally I decided this was what I wanted to do: I wanted to be taller and have this LL surgery. All details of height increase surgery were explained by the doctor, and I was going to be the first Stryde surgery being done in Turkey. After the appointment, I told the guys from the team that for the service package I had selected, I wanted to choose a different hotel for my extended stay in Turkey.

I had decided I want to undergo this operation, but I hadn’t made my mind about which hotel to stay in, thus I spoke to the Wannabetaller team. Their boss decided to come with me himself, and we went through many hotel options in the city. I told him about my preferences, and he went through all options I considered and he actually got really good, lower than regular prices from these hotels. I made my choice, it was Hyatt Regency hotel.

Before coming to Turkey I had requested for a PlayStation to spend my time better in the hotel during long stay, and I was happy to see they have already bought it with several game discs. Also, they obtained a blender for me for my protein shakes. In short, they tried their best to be helpful, no matter it was a major or minor request.

Towards the end of that day, I was once again nervous about what was going to happen. The team knew that and they made me really comfortable by assuring they would help me through the whole procedure while I was staying in Turkey (and they are keeping up to their words).

Dear readers, this diary will be updated very soon. Thanks for your attention!

BONUS:  A video showing how i was walking about 2 weeks after surgery.